Inner Ring Essay

Topics: Social class, Working class, George MacDonald Pages: 4 (1366 words) Published: September 10, 2013
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Alex Arroyo
Professor Ledri-Aguilar
English 120
30 August 2013
Inner Rings and the Motives that Come Along
C.S Lewis delivered a speech named “The Inner Ring” at King’s College, a University in London. As Lewis continues on in his speech, one may be a little thrown off by what these inner rings are and what exactly they mean to people. Although Lewis mentions both good and harmful inner rings, one could argue that most people find themselves so caught up in these inner rings they do not even realize they are trying to be involved in them for the wrong reasons. Some people strive to have a certain appearance that comes along with being involved in these inner rings that they tend to forget what really is important to them.

Lewis is not just delivering this message to a broad audience, but is more directed to college students and young adults. For instance, this is known when Lewis implies this by stating, “It is not, in fact, very likely that any of you will be able, in the next ten years, to make any direct contribution to the peace or prosperity of Europe” (Lewis 143). Obviously, when Lewis states, “in the next ten years,” he is implying the futures of these young London College students. Although this speech is directly delivered to these college students, Lewis is talking to everybody in that age range where most people find themselves chasing something for the wrong reasons so it is important to discover what really matters in your life.

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Lewis continues on in his speech and provides further examples of how there are indeed outsiders and insiders of these inner rings. For example Lewis states, “ There are no formal admissions or expulsions. People think they are in it after they have in fact been pushed out of it, or before they have been allowed in; this provides great amusement for those who are really inside” (Lewis 144). What this means is that not everyone is in the same circle and there are differences between all of...

Cited: Lewis, C.S. “The Inner Ring” The Weight of Glory 1949. Harper Collins Publishers, inc.
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