?Introduction to Literary Theory

Topics: Literary theory, Literary criticism, Literature Pages: 2 (337 words) Published: October 19, 2013
Introduction to literary theory
Kind of speculation, it’s analytical
Interdisciplinary discourse (debate) with effects outside an original discipline (Culler) Critique of common sense, of concept taken as natural
What is literature?
Elusive term (always changing)
Modern sense – 200 yrs old
Prior to 1800 literature was „memorized“ not interpreted In fiction the relation of what speaker say to what authors think is always a mater of interpretation Dictionary: imaginative or creative writing, especially of recognized artistic value ‘Literariness’of non-literary phenomenon

Nonliterary text which have a literary qualities (e.g. history, his. Narrative) Everyday language – figurative language (metaphors…)
Advertisement, newspaper, magazines, leaflets
Seems the best if we limit it to the art of literature, to imaginative literature = imaginative writing Non-imaginative writing employs logical abstractions
Imaginative writing employs artistic images
Criteria – content and form considering aesthetic principles and semantic characteristic of language Lit. as the foregrounding language – lit is a speech act of textual event that elictics certain hinds of attention Functions – mimetic (imitation), aesthetic, didactic, entertaining, social, ideological… Genre – refers to 1 of the 3 classical lit. forms of: fiction/prose/prose fiction, drama, poerty

first novel: Crusoe
Text type – refers to written document: instruction manual, sermons, obituaries, ad texts, catalogues, scientific/scholar writing Discourse – learned discussion, spoken or written, on a philosophical, political, lit., religious topic

- related to treatise
Literary scholarship
Lit. history- historical development of lit from past to present (development) Lit. criticism- analyses content and form of creative lit (interpretation) Lit. theory-
Text- philology, rhetoric, formalism, structuralism, new criticism, semiotics, deconstruction Author- biographical and...
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