Is Media Influenced Literature and Has Effect To Our Daily Life? (Function and Nature of Literature in Daily Life)

Topics: Literature, Literary genre, Culture Pages: 3 (1244 words) Published: September 30, 2013
Is Media Influenced Literature and Has Effect To Our Daily Life? (Function and Nature of Literature in Daily Life)
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Literature, as define on Oxford Dictionary, is “written works, especially those considered of superior or lasting artistic merit”, or in the Origin: “late Middle English (in the sense 'knowledge of books'): via French from Latin litteratura, from littera (letter).” And media, as we know, that have to used by literature to publish itself. “Media are various material ways information can be communicated”, in this case, we define the ‘information’ with the special words: literature. Literary content and form are often deeply influenced by media of their transmission. And in this time, when the digitalisation is everywhere, the influence and effect more have a big role in the cultural system, especially to the way we use to think. How poems of Shakespeare influence the English cultural and English people when Renassaince, how English have the period to each of literary works, that’s all about the literary and media become an associate. First, literature have many ideologies and culture itself, which the ideology and culture enter the cultural system on our daily life with media transmission. Have you ever read Beastly? That’s a story about Beauty and The Beast but in different period. However, some novel such like that, where the story is keep same but in the other hand, the modification is on the time, technology and we’ll know that the modification is influenced by media. So the period of literary, was influencing by the media and technology. Just start with oral tradition, and then pictography or something like that, the media build the history about the literature and the media’s self. Deep in the media/literature make us understand why each of culture system has differents, but maybe culture system united. In the Victorian era (1837-1901) novel became leading literary genre in English, but in same years, ‘syair’ or...
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