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M.A. (Previous) English
MEN-11: Course- 1: English literature from Chaucer to Buyan
Consider chaucer’s Prologue as a social satire.


^^This one is more comprehensive and easy to remember
Examine Dr. Faustus as the tragedy of an over-reacher.

MEN-12: Course- 2: Shakespeare
Consider Julius Caesar as a play that focuses on the betrayal of friendship.


Compare and contrast Rosalind and Celia in As You Like It.

MEN-13: Course- 3: Restoration & Eighteenth Century English Literature Comment on the central preoccupations of the play The School for Scandal. http://littcritt.blogspot.in/2012/10/the-school-for-scandal-themes.html http://www.cummingsstudyguides.net/Guides3/School.html

“Absalom & Achitophel is a retelling of a biblical story with an eye on contemporary events and characters in England”. Discuss.

MEN-14: Course- 4: Nineteenth Century Literature
Comment on the treatment of the supernatural in “The Ancient Mariner”. http://voices.yahoo.com/supernatural-content-samuel-coleridge-rime-3022093.html http://www.meritnation.com/discuss/question/1935314

^^ Jot down points from all the answers in the forum and Voila u r a successful copy paster

Attempt an analysis of Pip-Joe relationship.
MEN-15: Course- 5: Indian Literature in English
Attempt a critique of the three solutions suggested for the eradication of untouchability in Untouchable. OR
Evaluate Nehru as a writer of Autobiography with reference to the prescribed text. http://www.iloveindia.com/indian-heroes/jawaharlal-nehru.html Just...
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