Liberal Reforms

Topics: Social class, Liberalism, Working class Pages: 3 (1333 words) Published: February 27, 2015
To what extent were the reforms of the liberal government of 1906-14 the most important change in the lives of people in Wales and England in the period 1880-1929? (36)

+ Liberal Reforms
+ WW1
+ Increasing power of workforce
+ Reports of Booth & Rowntree

The liberal reforms that were introduced between 1900-1914 had a massive impact on the lives of people living in England and Wales. The reforms helped to aid the more helpless people in society, the elderly, the children, the sick, among many others. To many it was seen as a great aid to their lives but not all aspects were quite so welcomed. During this time period there were other significant occurrences that also affected the lifestyles of the population, issues such as World War 1 followed by the decline in staple industries and growing power of the workforce, but also looking further back the reports of Booth and Rowntree which were taken in 1886 and 1903, and 1901 respectively.

The liberals who were in power from 1906 up until the war introduced a multitude of reforms during their time in power. Acts like the 1906 Merchant Shipping Act helped to improve conditions for workers on ships and sailors alike, but also the 1907 Education Act helped to improve medical conditions for children in school. These acts gave great support and aid to those in the lower classes of society although not all acts were received as openly, such as the 1911 National Insurance Act, as this was seen by many to be paying for insurance which they did not need, they did not see it as a benefit but more as a hindrance. Furthermore it was not just the working class who were affected, as these reforms had to be paid for, so due to a higher taxation rate the upper classes were also affected in a very negative way. The reforms that the liberals brought in as a whole did offer some great benefits to the lower classes but at the same time some of the reforms created negative impacts on both the upper classes and a fair few...
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