Literary Masterpieces

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Literature, Writing Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: January 8, 2014

Literary Masterpieces
Adrienne Johnson
University of Phoenix
December 09, 2013

A literary masterpiece is a piece of work that can withstand the test of time. What this means is that a particular piece of literary work can still be able to provoke a person’s thoughts and capture the interest of the readers all throughout the years that have passed, despite everything that goes on in the world around us and all of the current events that have and will take place. The topics and themes of these literary works will always hold true to their original purpose that was intended by the author and yet they will still connect with the people, as they originally did. For the purpose of this paper, I will explain what I expect literary masterpieces to be, I will explain the qualities that I expect them to have prior to completing the English 106 course, the experiences that I have personally had with literary masterpieces, as well as the contexts in which these experiences have taken place. I expect literary masterpieces to be written in an old fashion style. The reason that I expect this is because literary masterpieces are something that can withstand periods of time, therefore they were written at a much earlier time, and most likely the way that one speaks and writes at that time will differ from the way that people speak and write in today’s day and age. Although I expect some literary masterpieces to be dull and even painful, simply because they were written at a time that I am not necessarily familiar with an cannot relate too, I also expect them to be somewhat pleasant and beautiful, because after all, these literary masterpieces were written at a much earlier date but are still able to provoke our thoughts and capture the interest of the people today. Therefore this must mean that the literary masterpieces are pleasant and maybe even considered to be fun. Throughout all of my high school years, and even in the...
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