Local And Foreign Entrepreneur (P.O.E)

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Manuel Velez Pangilinan

I. Biography
Name: Manuel V. Pangilinan
Also known as:  Manny Pangilinan or MVP
Birthday: July 14, 1946
Age: 68 yrs. old
Place of Birth: Manila, Philippines
School Attended:
Elementary and High School, San Beda College
Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics (cum laude), Ateneo de Manila University MBA degree, Wharton School of Finance and Commerce at the University of Pennsylvania (1968) Father: Mr. Dominador Pangilinan

Net worth as of July 2013 P4.5 billion

Family background
Manuel V. Pangilinan came from a humble family tree who shares the same determination to achieving their dreams with a tedious stride up to the ladder of success. Born in July 14, 1946, Pangilinan also known as MVP is the second son of Mr. Dominador Pangilinan who had proven that a simple messenger can indeed become a president of a bank. Yes, his father started as a messenger at Philippine National Bank but retired as the president of Traders Royal Bank. This though is not the first success story in the Pangilinan family for his grandfather was actually just a simple public teacher in Pampanga and Tarlac who became a superintendent of public schools and eventually became the secretary of education Manny V. Pangilinan As a Student:

During his elementary years, MVP had ten centavos to buy a bottle of Coke, five centavos for crackers, another ten centavos to take the bus home from San Beda in Mendiola, which he made sure he wouldn’t lose, otherwise he would have walked home. In college, his weekly allowance at the Ateneo was P10, and that included his jeepney fares. MVP have a lot of classmates who have cars and others even have their own drivers. They were lucky. Someday, he said to himself, that he will reach all those. His scholarships in both San Beda and Ateneo were only his lucky charms. In late 1965, as MVP own graduation was approaching, he had come home from the Ateneo one Saturday afternoon, and spoke with his dad about taking an MBA in the States. He was met with silence, which meant there wasn’t enough money for an education abroad, that if he really wanted it, he had find a way himself. Fortunately, Procter & Gamble was offering a rare scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. It was a national competition. MVP entered-and won. For three generations of his family, life meant coping with challenges despite modest means, relying on God-given talent, hard work and a passionate determination to succeed.

II. Business Ventures

A professional manager
The second part of this journey. After two years in Philadelphia, MVP returned home, hopeful about landing a managerial position in a large company. He struck out at first bat. My benefactor, Procter & Gamble, turned down his application. So he ended up taking the first job he was offered, as executive assistant to the president at Phinma for P1,000 a month. “Without any job experience, we can’t be choosers, right? Grab the first decent job that comes your way, immerse yourself in work, and soon, you’ll find the right job, or it will find you”-MVP. After six years with Phinma, MVP decided to work abroad. There were the usual reasons: the glamor of being an expat in Hong Kong, the stifling staleness of his local career but, more importantly, He needed to find himself, to prove that he can stand on his own and succeed. The warmth of family ties, the comfort of an extended family system so embedded in our society were indeed beguiling, but he wanted to assert his independence. MVP was recruited by Bancom International, a Philippine investment bank based in Hong Kong. It was a stimulating experience to him. He learned the dynamics of international finance from his Chinese colleagues, not from the Filipino executives. Thereafter, he was seconded to a joint venture investment bank with American Express. He had expected to be appointed CEO of that new bank, but wasn’t. While disappointed and even depressed,...
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