Management and Not-for-profit Organizations

Topics: Management, Board of directors, Finance Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: October 11, 2011
IMA Educational Case Journal
ISSN 1940-204X
Volume 4, Issue 2
À Votre Santé: Product Costing and Decision Analysis in the Wine Industry Priscilla S. Wisner
À VOTRE SANTÉ (AVS) REQUIRES STUDENTS TO ANALYZE financial and operational data to create a contribution margin income statement, apply the concepts of relevant costs and opportunity costs to support strategic decision making, and analyze product profitability. The case uses information taken from a small wine operation in Napa Valley, somewhat simplified to reinforce the case analyses and teaching points. AVS has been used in MBA and executive education managerial accounting classes, and would be most appropriate for a graduate-level accounting or MBA course or for an advanced undergraduate course.

Jane Ashby Sinclair Art Museum
Howard O. Rockness, Ph.D., Joanne W. Rockness, Ph.D., CPA, Charles L. Earney, CPA, Stacy J. Ankrum, MBA THIS CASE ILLUSTRATES THE MANAGEMENT CONTROL and financial issues faced by a museum of art located in a medium size city in the southeastern United States. The museum faces a crisis situation when the bank fails to renew its unsecured line of credit and calls $742,000 of debt. The case focuses on the decisions that must be made by the chairman of the board and the board of directors of the museum in a short time frame in the face of the 2008-2009 financial markets collapse, investment losses, reduced operating revenues, and criticism by a former board member and the local press. The case allows discussion of numerous issues involved in the management and control of not-for-profit organizations as well as accounting reporting issues, which may obscure both the solvency and actual assets of the entity. The case allows for exploration of both the accounting issues and the management issues associated with responding to the bank’s request for repayment of the loan. The case provides a basis for contrasting decision making and controls in for-profit organizations, where...
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