Maternity Leave Workback Plan

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I, the undersigned,

ID No:851129 0091 08 900000000000000000
Address: Unit 7 pppppppppppp94 Golf Avenue

Do hereby acknowledge and confirm:

That I am indebted to BEESA GROUP (PTY) LTD in the amount of R0000 .00___________ in respect of Maternity payment of 50% of the employees monthly cost to company salary package (R 0000.00____________) for three months of the maternity leave period. For the purposes of this Maternity Leave Work-back Agreement, BEESA GROUP (PTY) LTD shall mean BEESA GROUP (PTY) LTD (Pty) Ltd and all the other operating entities, companies, and subsidiaries of BEESA GROUP (Pty) Ltd and within the BEESA group of companies.


I further acknowledge and confirm the following:

2.1 That the amount above and the circumstances under which the said amount is in fact due, has been agreed to between the parties, and is for maternity leave payment.

2.2 In return for the payment contemplated as above the employee agrees to remain in the employment of the company for a period of one yearsix months from date of the return from any maternity leave granted in this section.

2.3 In the event of the failure of the employ to return to work after maternity leave or remain in the employ of the company for the period stipulated above, the employee agrees that any money advanced in terms of this section shall immediately become repayable to the company. The value payable shall be calculated on a pro-rata basis for the period worked back.

2.4 In the event of any money being required to be repaid by the employee, the employ hereby consents to the deduction of such money directly from any moneys owed by the company to the employee in respect of any salary due or any other final payments due...
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