Topics: Literature, Literary theory, Critical thinking Pages: 3 (766 words) Published: October 27, 2013
The Critical Reading of Medea Essay

Objective: To apply the tenets of a critical theory approach toward literature to deepen your understanding of Medea.

1.Using your discussions, literary journal, and text of Medea, find one or more elements of one of the critical theories that you’d like to apply to your analysis of Medea.

2.Develop an outline (due) that starts with your thesis—the accumulated effect of the application of your critical theory—and includes the elements (and textual references) you’ll use to analyze the play.

3.Write a 1,200 – 1,500 word essay (4-5 pages) that employs your chosen elements of the critical theory to examine several passages of the play. Decide on a unifying thesis, organize your main points, integrate your quotes, and make your transitions from one point to the next smooth.

4.Submit to Schoology in the assignment “Critical Reading of Medea” no later than . Make sure to use MLA formatting for both in text and bibliographic citations (

Scoring Rubric:
Outline(separate grade)/10

Idea/Content: Ideas should be presented clearly and developed fully with reasons, examples, and support from text.
Ideas should include an in-depth understanding of Medea,
as well as a well-considered analysis of the critical theory as applied to Medea. /35

Support: Support should be focused, relevant, and the most effective choices for the purpose of your analysis. Quotes should be introduced, embedded, cited, and clearly commented upon to tie into overarching thesis. /25

Organization: Writing should be organized logically and be easy to follow. Sentence Fluency: Sentences should be varied and effective./25 Word Choice: Precise and effective word choice adds clarity to writing.

Voice: The personality and conviction of the writer should be reflected./15Conventions: Grammar, usage, mechanics, spelling, MLA...
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