middle class in india

Topics: Middle class, Working class, India Pages: 3 (962 words) Published: October 3, 2013
The Middle Class in India
I was born in a middle class Indian family. Since the age I got to understand this world I saw my parents working hard all day and night. I learned at a very young age the struggles that my parents faced. I was good in studies from childhood and that was the biggest thing my parents were proud of. At the end of each long day my dad would say to my mom, "I will give my son the best education, he will not struggle like this. What I was unable to do, my son will do." My father wanted to become a doctor but could not make his dream true, as my grandfather didn't provide him money to get admission. That is when I understood that after being born in middle class how difficult it is to come up in life and become successful. There are innumerable hardships faced by a middle class man in his everyday life with less salary to meet up the necessities and his dream. Indian society can broadly be divided into three classes. On the top, there are the rich. They are the people who have got everything in plenty. At the bottom there are the poor. They are ill-fed and ill clad. It is seldom that they have their own houses to live in. In between these two classes, we have the middle class. The people belonging to this class are neither very rich nor very poor. They have to maintain themselves outwardly in a fitting and decent manner. Somewhere, hanging out of local trains, bargaining in the market and in the matrimonial columns of the Times of India is the Indian Middle Class. This glorified middle-of-the-pyramid junta doesn’t fall in this group by mere parameters of income and economic status. The middle class has gone from bad to worse since independence. Mostly the people of this class are servicemen. They get a fixed pay. But prices have risen higher and higher. Taxes have been increased manifold. It has become almost impossible for the middle class to make both ends meet. The prices of even coarse grains, pulse and cloth have shot up. The middle...
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