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1. How is innocence described in Missilin? Explain with examples.
The short story missilin by chithra Fernando depicts the picture of a servant whose innocence never let her understand that she has been exploited by all. The writer sketches missilin as innocent, loyal, selfless and loving character which evokes the sympathy of the readers when they come across the subtly exploitation of her by Mrs. Ranasingha.Mrs. Ranasingha prevents missilin’s visit to her village on the New Year by stating that she couldn’t get out of bed because of sickness. Yet on the same day Mrs.ranasinhha goes dinner to her sister’s home leaving missilin alone “yet she recovers enough to attend the new year dinner at her sister’s place’’. This quote shows how she treats in this hypocritical society. Missilin never retaliate towards Mrs. Ranasingha to let her go home. So she was violently caged in the house of Mrs. Ranasingha as a innocent bird. She never enjoys any freedom in this house. But due to the innocence of her she never tries to go beyond those boundaries. Thus it shows the reality of innocence can be treated so violently in the society.

The death of kalu a cat at Mrs. Ranasingha’s house affects her more. Her bond with kalu cannot be explained to the people like mrs.ranasingha. For them it is just a cat. But for missilin kalu is a character to whom she poured all her minds agony. The tragic death of kalu makes her emotionally down. It also show the theme of innocence by the writer where this servant missilin so much kind towards the animals. So it shows theme of innocence and the innocence of this helpless woman.

Gomis on the other hand is the reason for missilin’s gradual change of attitude of men. But it becomes a great disappointment when she comes to know that he is getting married to another woman. “It was her nearest romance.” This also shows this woman’s innocence where she losses her love. Even though she had lost it. She never said any word to gomis even he...
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