Money and Power Social Stratification Essay

Topics: Sociology, Social class, Working class Pages: 3 (598 words) Published: February 1, 2015
April Shwe
Part 1:
1.) Theories of social stratification

Karl Marx and Max Weber provided similar theories of social stratification such as classical theories. Marx and Weber both focused on conflict theory or unequal power under capitalism which still exists today. Classical theory is essential in following the later development of sociology. Contemporary theory is the materialist approach which was developed from the work of Karl Marx, who believed that the whole social system is dependent upon the manner in which people are defined by their relationship to the tools. The system relates to the means of production. Additionally, Max Weber expanded the idea of Marx’s classic theory. He stated that people have free will, ability to make choices about something. People in effect can have an insight into what someone else is going through, the ability to relate to each other dimensions of power. The more you know, you have the power to insight. The people have power with access to skills, knowledge, and labor. William Domhoff and C. Right Mills have gathered a contemporary theory, the power elite theory which is distributed power. Power elite theorist C. Right Mills stated that the rich people are all related. They control the economy, politics, government, media, criminal justice system laws, cultural capital, and etc. He summarized that they are a group of people who control everything. The wealthiest 1 percent own 33 percent of the Nation’s wealth. Those who control have power and so they maintained that power by establishing methods of control. William Domhoff theory explains that the power elite maintain their power by sharing a perfect set of coordinated interests. They are such things as vacationing at a similarly destinations, joining elite clubs, attending select schools, and socializing within the same group.

Part 2:
2.) Social Class

Scientific research analyzes that most people who are in the same class have the same access to...
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