Multi-Perspective Approach

Topics: Organization, Organizational studies, Management Pages: 4 (1049 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Multi perspective approaches to understanding organizations is vital and enhances understanding operations as well as avenue to apply acquired knowledge to improve organization’s performance. The adoption of this discipline can be traced to historical management where practitioners embraced Scientific Administration as a way of running societies. For instance, Henri Fayol (1949) and Winslow Taylor (1911) were highly honored as the pioneers of multi perspective approaches to management as their systems emphasized effectiveness, efficiency and a mechanical nature in relation to people in organizations. It was from these basics and interactions that perspectives such as Modernism was emerged (Hatch & Cunliffe 2006). To fully comprehend and understand an organization, effectively manage with positive result orientation, multiple perspectives needs to be ideally enhanced in the organizations. These involve modernism, post-modernism and interpretive organizational based perceptions. The development of these perspectives is vital to the understanding of compounded association currencies that are important to organization’s stakeholders. For instance, considering Ocean Park team, decision on undertakings that relate with imperative verdicts will be appropriate into the culture where the Hong Kong societies are embracing since there is use of unified and simple organization perspectives even though there are diverse assumptions. In this example there is the ontological nature of reality and the social world that goes assists learning and experience. Consequently, multiple perceptions in organizations result to numerous functional indications that are successfully demonstrated by the organizations, McDonalds is efficient on product quality and customer service which is appropriate in modernism and works well for post-modernism uses of imminent strategies, events and activities of the organization that esteems the value of rational philosophy and the development...
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