my best teacher

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My best teacher

During my school life, I have come across several teachers. None has impressed me so much as our English Teacher. Courtesy requires that I don't give his real name here. For convenience, I shall call him Mr. Leo.

Mr. Leo has been teaching me English for the last two years. He is a very lovable person, soft spoken and good mannered. He is not a giant in his stature but it is very well made up by his intellectual attainments. He used to come, neatly dressed. There may not be anything gorgeous about it but he always dresses in an elegant way. He used to move about quietly, though he always bears an assured look of a scholar. Naturally therefore, everyone respects him.

It is a pleasure to listen to him when he teaches English whether it be prose or poetry and he would leave his mark on it. There, is nothing bombastic in his use of words, because he always uses very simple ones, so that even an average student could follow him. He has always been very methodical in his approach. He would never proceed further unless he has made everyone understand the passage. When he finds somebody has difficulty he would spare no pains to make the student understand.

His teaching of poetry has been marvelous. He would simply get into the spirit of the poet. Gifted with some histrionic talent, he would carry the whole class with him in the enjoyment of the poem. Whether it be "Oh! Captain, My Captain!" "The Solitary Reaper" or "Patriotism", he would impress the class, with his dramatic teaching. For all these things, he has been a very good coach so far as the examination is concerned. But he used to say, that examination is not everything.

During his leisure hours, he can be found in the school library browsing among literary magazines. One can approach him easily and have doubts cleared. By his knowledge, character, and day to day life he leaves a profound influence on the intellectual and moral character of his pupils. He leaves the permanent...
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