My Sister's Keeper

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Richard Hooton
English 95
30 November 2012
Final Draft: My Sister’s Keeper

My Sister’s Keeper is a novel written by Jodi Picoult. It is a heart wrenching story about a family torn apart due to the oldest daughter suffering from a rare form of leukemia, and the parents fight to keep the child alive at all costs including genetically conceiving a perfect donor match for her. As the parents continue to focus strictly on Kate’s health and well- being the two other children in the home fall by the wayside.

Brian, the father is the fire captain and lives part time at the fire station. On his down time there he studies astrology on the roof top, a special place that he shares with his daughter Anna and is his escape from the realities of life that for him at times are almost too much to bear. He tries everything to hold his family together and to be the strong one for his family sometimes making decisions that he isn’t sure are right but that he feels has to be done.

Sarah is the mother whose life revolves around saving her daughter no matter what the cost or whoever is hurt in the process. Sarah put her life on hold the day she found out Kate had Acute Promyleocytic leukemia, APL, and her main drive in life is to keep her daughter alive. When the oncologist suggested a donor for Kate and her older brother wasn’t a match he told them about genetically matching a donor just for the main purpose of saving her. When the child Anna was born, I do not think that Sarah ever bonded with Anna it was more like she was a job completed when they saved her umbilical cord for the stem cells to transplant into Kate. After Sarah delivered Anna, she was so consumed with how careful they were with the umbilical cord that she didn’t even ask if the baby was okay.

Kate the oldest daughter was diagnosed with APL at the age of two. She has gone through so much since that time, but she has always had a positive outlook on life. It is when she is sixteen she decides she has endured enough and asks her sister to help her end all of the pain and suffering. I think she also figured it was time Anna started living her own life to instead of living for her.

Jesse is the oldest child and only son. From the time he was four years old and the same day his sister was diagnosed with leukemia he just existed. Jesse did everything in his power to get attention from his parents which eventually resulted in making some very poor choices in life. As he grew older he moved into the apartment above the garage, I think he felt like since he was invisible to his parents anyway, why shouldn’t he be able to come and go as he pleased and do whatever he wanted which usually involved breaking the law.

Anna is the miracle baby, well at least to her parents she had one sole purpose in life and that was to keep her sister alive no matter what pain and sacrifice she had to endure in the process. Anna’s had to make many sacrifices for her sister including her love of hockey in which she was made goalie. In fact her parents weren’t even aware that she was playing for a long time. She was invited to go to a girls’ hockey camp but she was unable to attend due to her mom wanting her to be near her sister in case she relapsed and they need Anna to donate her blood or whatever else they may need to once again save Kate or prolong the inevitable.

Anna acts like she no longer wants to go through the procedures to help keep her sister alive including a possible near future kidney transplant that they have been discussing due to Kate’s kidneys failing and her being on dialysis now. Anna hires an attorney by the name of Campbell Alexander, who she researched and found he was very victorious in cases involving children. Campbell was pretty hard on her at first and only thinking of his victory in winning this case. Campbell is a loner who is always in the company of a German Shepard by the name of judge who he keeps the reasons for having him a secret due to his...
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