My Study Plan for Korean Language

Topics: Education, Learning, Full-time Pages: 3 (1071 words) Published: March 27, 2013
A. Study plans to improve foreign languages(Korean, English, etc) required for taking a bachelor’s degree course BEFORE and AFTER you come to Korea.
Before coming to Korea I've always been interested in foreign languages such as : Japanese and Korean aside from English . I taught myself a good amount of Korean and a basic Japanese ,too .It was hard for me because there weren't enough time due to my school schedule and there weren't any language institutes here that my family can afford either. I taught myself Korean using sites like : , , and . These sites helped me improving my Koren and I plan to continue using them more frequently if I get accepted . Aside from these sites , I picked up a lot of my Korean just by watching English Subbed Korean shows and dramas . It was both entertaining , fun and educational too !

As for English I have been developing it ever since I was 9 years old , even before learning it in school I was mesmerized by this amazing language !! And as my curiosity grew , my desire to master this language grew too ! I had a very good background before learning it in school . In my class I was always ahead of my classmates in English because I loved it . After 2 years I started making friends with other American girls and that improved my skills . Movies , novels and websites , It all helped me to speak English fluently aside from what I was learning in school . My family wasn't financially able to get me a seat in a language institute , which is why I haven't done the TOFEL exam yet . Still I managed to teach myself . That makes me confident that if I get chosen for the scholarship and learn Korean and in an institute I'll be able to achieve more !!

If I get chosen I'd spend the whole year studying as much as I can . Since I managed to teach myself English even though I was busy with school , exams and home works , I'm confident &...
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