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In conjunction of creating our report on analyzing and identifying on a company, Sime Darby Berhad had been chosen as the company to be analyzed. This is because Sime Darby has been proven a successful company with its business functioning around the world. Sime Darby Berhad is one of the largest company in Malaysia, and also one of the largest in South-East Asia. There are 270 operating companies functioning in 23 countries. It has the most widespread foreign operations in Hong Kong which is accounting for 25 percent of revenues, following with Singapore (14 percent), Australia (11 percent), and 38 percent of its revenues domestically. The company is initially being a plantations based company when it was established, which is then diverse t a wide range of activities include tire manufacturing, heavy equipment and motor distribution, property development, power generation and engineering services. The further sub-diverged business operation will be paint manufacturing, refrigeration product manufacturing, travel and tourism services, hospital, and golf courses. This international type of company needs a precise and compatible management functions in order to bring success to the company. Hereafter will be our analysis on the management functions of the company and supporting by some of our suggestions in order to bring some positive changes and add on to the company.

Sime Darby Berhad was initially established base on commodity and plantation business. The company understood that to be a well distributed and profitable company all the time, it is very important to have the diversification all around the business sectors. Thus, the company is being expanding non-stop throughout the time, from the date of commencing until now. The company was diverged from its core business that is plantations, towards manufacturing, property management, industrial, motors, energy and utilities and even healthcare. The wide diversified of the company activities were proven to be successful since the company owning numbers of subsidiary companies under these categories, and each of them bringing profits to the company. Management functions of the company must be handled precisely and wisely. The functions are known as planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Each of them does different part of job and carrying their own responsibilities and role. The four management functions descriptions are shown below:

1. Planning is a process for accomplishing purpose. It is blue print of business growth and a road map of development. 2. Organizing is the management function that usually follows after planning. 3. Leading is the use of influence to motivate employees to achieve goals. 4. Controlling of an undertaking consists of seeing that everything is being carried out in accordance with the plan which has been adopted, the orders which have been given, and the principles which have been laid down. Next will be our analysis on these functions for our chosen company.

The company name ‘Sime Darby’ is named after two European business partners: William Sime and Henry Darby. William Sime, a traveler from Scotland, bringing in the rubber—which is also known as natural rubber, from origin of Brazil. The reason of Sime bringing in the rubbers is due to the similar climate of Malaysia jungles to that of Brazil’s, and he thought that it will just to be grown easily here. Sime seek funds help from his friend, an English banker, to start a rubber plantation here. With the agreement the company is established and name Sime Darby & Co. Ltd in year 1910.

The establishing of this plantation’s company was opposed by local ventures stiffly, as it was managed from outsiders. Sime and Darby have no choices but to forge friendships with members of Chinese business community. Sime and Darby with the help of Tun Tan Cheng Lock, one of the...

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