Nibong Tebal Paper Mill Holdings Berhad: Strategic Management

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‘Have a Heart, Learn, Progress and Serve’ is the NTPM’s philosophy. NTPM Holdings Berhad is one of SME in Malaysia. The company main business is manufacture and trade paper related product such as tissue papers, toilet tissue, serviettes and napkin. Other than that, the company also involve in trading of cotton and investment holding. NTPM want to distribute hygiene to the world based on their main business. They have aims to enhance personal hygiene in every household. It all started in 1975 where Mr. Lee See Jin opens the business. Back in the 70’s, NTPM only produce and sell a semi-finished product to paper converters with the use of only one paper-making machine. Only until the late 70’s, NTPM started its commercial production in the paper rolls business whereby covert them into tissue papers and toilet rolls. The company started investing in transportation equipment on the 80’s, which to ensure the products is distribute throughout the country. In order to improve their business, NTPM have adapt the use of the de-inking system which allows them to produce higher quality paper from recycled wastepaper and process them into tissue paper for end-user consumption. Has the company grow, they began to expand to the neighbour country; Singapore. NTPM has began to focus on its sales and marketing effort by branding its tissue products under the brand name “PREMIER” which a name is wide known in Malaysia. This strategy is undergoing on the year of 1995. During the recession period on 1997, NTPM able to survive due the demand for NTPM’s products was well over its supply. On 2000 foreseeing the direction of its future expansion, NTPM has acquired a printing business to complement its paper operations by supplying tissue boxes for packaging of its finished goods. One year after that, NTPM introduces a 3-ply pulp range products under the brand name “ROYAL GOLD”. Their market keeps on growing as they introduce the female sanitary napkin product under the brand “INTIMATE” and baby diapers under the brand “DIAPEX”. As for today, NTPM has a production capacity of 250 tonnes a day or approximately 90,000 tonnes per annum with a total of sixteen paper-making machines. Currently NTPM is operating at approximately 2/3 of its production capacity. NTPM intends to continue to upgrade its machinery to increase its production capacity. Currently, NTE has eight sales offices cum delivery centres of which six are located in Peninsular Malaysia, one in Sarawak, one in Sabah and one in Singapore. Based on the background of NTPM, the company is stated to be a market leader in manufacturing and trading of paper related products by providing quality products which able to satisfy their customers. Other than that, NTPM also want to ensure in every household able to keep high level of hygiene. This is achieved has NTPM diversify their products into two range; tissues and personal care where both the products have been widely known by Malaysian such “PREMIER”, “ROYAL GOLD”, and “INTIMATE”.


Below is the overview of the company’s management:


Dato' Teoh Boon Beng @ Teoh Eng Kuan
Non-Independent Non-Executive Chairman
Lee See Jin
Managing Director
Lee Chong Choon
Executive Director
Teoh Teik Toe
Non-Independent Non-Executive Director
Lim Han Nge
Senior Independent Non-Executive Director
Chang Kong Foo
Independent Non-Executive Director
Teoh Teik Lin
Alternate Director to Dato' Teoh Boon Beng @
Teoh Eng Kuan


Chang Kong Foo
Independent Non-Executive Director, Chairman
Lim Han Nge
Senior Independent Non-Executive Director, Member
Teoh Teik Toe
Non-Independent Non-Executive Director, Member

Thum Sook Fun

The overview of the company’s current news:
NTPM has a production capacity of 250 tonnes a day or approximately 90,000 tonnes...
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