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Module Assignment Part A
Organisation and Personnel 1|

Figure 1.

Name: Arlette Hartstra
Group: TOP1N
Date: 13.12.12

Table of Contents
Organization & Management4
Legal Forms4
History of the Thomas Cook Group4
Structure of the organization5
Management positions5
Organization & Environment6
Mission and vision6
Influences of Stakeholders and environmental factors6
Products and services offered by Thomas Cook Group7
References List:8

In this report seven topics about Thomas Cook Group PLC. Will be discussed as displayed in the following:

Organization and management:
* Legal form of the Thomas Cook Group
* Important aspects about the history of the Thomas Cook Group * How is the organization structured?
* What are the management positions in the organization?

Organization and environment:
* Describe the mission and vision of the organization.
* Describe the stakeholders and environmental factors influencing the organization. * What are the products and/or services the organization offers?

The Thomas Cook Group at this moment is one of the leading Leisure travel organizations in the world, counting £9.8 billion sales and 23.6 million customers, annually. It is operating in six geographic areas and in 22 countries.

To find answers on the seven topics, the homepage of Thomas Cook Group has been used and to understand the theory the book ‘Organization and Management’ by Marcus and van Dam (2007) has been studied.

Organization & Management
Legal Forms
The Thomas Cook Group (Plc.) is a public limited company and is registered in England and Wales (Thomas Cook Group plc., 2012).

PLC, limited by shares, means that the liability of the shareholders is limited to a certain amount, or they already paid on their share or that is still due on share and is partly paid. A public limited company needs to have a minimum of two shareholders, two directors, a properly qualified company secretary and a share capital with a minimum of £50,000, Furthermore it needs to have a minimum of £12,500 in capital when starting up a business (Corporate Governance, 2008).

History of the Thomas Cook Group
The Thomas Cook Group has a long history. It all started in 1841, when Thomas Cook organized its first excursion, a rail journey from Leicester to Loughborough (Thomas Cook Group, 2012). In 1865 it opened its first shop in Fleet Street in London. In the meantime, its first type is conducted for profit and starts its first continental tour. In 1869 Thomas Cook’s first party in Egypt and Palestine starts. In 1872/83 he organizes and leads the first around the world trip. In 1893 is the first publishing of Cook’s Continental Time Table & Tourist’s Handbook. And in 1874 the company published its guidebook for the first time, namely a guidebook to Switzerland (Thomas Cook Group, 2012). 1886 Thomas Cook starts its fleet of luxurious Nile steamers. In 1927 the first air tour from New York to Chicago was launched and a year later, in 1928, the grandsons of Thomas Cook sold the business to the ‘Compagnie Internatonale des Wagons-Lits et des Grand Express Européens’(Thomas Cook Group, 2012). 1972 Thomas Cook is privatized and in 1977 it opens its headquarter at Thorpe Woord in Peterborough. 2001 Thomas Cook owns C&N Touristic AG which changes its name to Thomas Cook AG and changes its logo (figure 1). In 2007, the Thomas Cook AG and My travel Group plc. start to cooperate and establish Thomas Cook Group plc. And now it is one of the leading travel organization in 22 countries on six geographic areas (Thomas Cook Group plc., 2012).

Structure of the organization
According to Marcus and van Dam (2007), an organizational structure is dividing of responsibilities, tasks and competencies and also the way in which they relate to each other. There is a Chairman, the Board has two Executive...

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