Pacific Brands

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Dot Point Answers to the 4 Parts of Assignment 1

Case Study Report on Pacific Brands (

Using materials from your own research, lesson materials, readings from the recommended text and other articles posted on Blackboard to inform your discussions and provide a theoretical background for your findings,

• Set the context for your analysis by describing the company and the position it currently finds itself in • Analyse the company’s financial accounts in their most recent annual report and provide an overview discussion based on this information, of their financial strengths, weakness and challenges that may have contributed to their current state and explain how they may have contributed to the current state of the company • Read the Directors’ Report, Auditors’ report, CEO report and any other information contained in the annual report and critically evaluate what this information reveals about the corporate governance, accountability and compliance of the organization and its directors’. • Assess how useful publicly available information on your company would have been in predicting its current financial situation.

|Section 1 |Set the context for your analysis by describing the company and the position it currently finds itself in | |Dot Points Due by: Friday, 9 DEC |Contributors: All |Collator: Mark |

• Headquartered in Melbourne, Pacific Brands employees approximately 5,000 employees and has established operations centres though Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Malaysia, China and Indonesia.

• Pacific Brands manufactures, markets and sells iconic everyday bands including Berlei, Bonds, Clarks, Dunlop, Everlast, Grosby, Hard Yakka, Holeproof, Hush, Puppies, King Gee, Mooks, Mossimo, Razzamatazz, Sheridan, Slazenger, Tontine and Volley. • Manufacturing over 300,000 unique products, Pacific Brands sells over 200 million units annually to both domestic and international markets generating in excess of $1.6 billion in sales. • The Pacific Brands executive management team include the CEO S. Morphet, CFO D. Bortolussi, M. Allibon and Group General Managers for each of the following product lines: Underware and Hosiery; Bonds; Footwear, Outerwear and Sport; Homewears and Workwear; and Omni Apparel. • Pacific Brands acknowledges the importance of corporate governance through the establishment of a Board to ensure the company is well managed to protect and even enhance its stakeholders in an environment of corporate governance.

• The Board comprises mainly non-executive directors that do not form part of the management team that could potentially compromise their independent judgement.

• The Board has established an Audit, Business Risk and Compliance Committee, with the mandate to assist the Board in effectively discharging its responsibilities in relations to compliance, internal controls, insurance and assurance through an impartial internal audit team.

• Pacific Brand’s strategic focus is fulfilling the supply demand equation by creating products that meet the ever changing requirements of customers through innovation and enticing marketing campaigns.

• The company invests heavily in marketing campaigns to generate sales including establishing endorsements with Australian sporting celebrities.

• The company describes their culture as dynamic and goes one step further stating they own it and they own its success. (Link to accountability, responsibility)

• Pacific Brands embraces 5 values/behaviours including informed decisions, collaboration, ownership and straight talk, underpinned by energy and commitment.

• Pacific Brands further expands on these values describing their workforce as creative and open to new ideas and adaptive to change. Employees are described as being hard working, striving to be...
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