Parable of the Democracy of Goods

Topics: Social class, Working class, Manufacturing Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: February 26, 2006
The Egalitarianism of Society
The "Parable of the Democracy of Goods" works to make society more egalitarian in that it stresses the fact that even middle class consumers can lead the lifestyle of the wealthy by purchasing products that are said to be used only by the "upper class". The advertising strategies used by manufacturers gave common people the feeling of "sharing an experience" with the wealthy, because they lowered prices of so called "upper class" products, allowing the middle class to afford them. The parable was intended to make every person believe that they could enjoy every pleasure, benefit, and convenience of society, due to the "wonders" of mass production and distribution. The most common form of advertising according to the Democracy of Goods stressed the fact that although the rich may enjoy many of life's greatest luxuries, acquiring one of these luxuries would provide one with "ultimate satisfaction". Advertisers such as The C.F. Church Manufacturing Company made consumers think that by purchasing a specific toilet seat you would surpass the social standing of the wealthy class. They tell you that " If you lived in one of those palatial apartments on Park Avenue, in New York City, where you have to pay $2,000 to $7,500 a year rent, you still couldn't have a better toilet seat in your bathroom than they have- The Church Saniwhite Toilet Seat which you can afford right now." The approach used by the manufacturer made consumers feels superior while making money off of it. The Parable of Democracy of Goods was the perfect way to make middle class families feel like they can actually fit in with the upper class citizens of society. Although many found this form of advertising as an "unexceptional truism", the manufacturers attempt to create a more egalitarian society not only pleased many middle class families but created a more booming economy. The significance of class systems was nearly surpassed because of the egalitarianism shared by...
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