persepolis essay

Topics: Social class, Working class, Sociology Pages: 2 (818 words) Published: November 20, 2013
Katherine Luevano
Proffesor Naraghi
Humanities 8
16 October 2013
Persepolis Essay
Imagine being born with a stamp on your forehead that defines where you'll fit in society for the rest of your life. The book Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi, greatly deepens the readers understanding of iran and iranian women by the illustration of Marjane's childhood all the way through adolecense while living in Iran at a time where gender, nationality, and social class defined one's identity the most. Persepolis greatly deepens the reader's understanding of Iran and Iranian people by explaining the hopeful life of an iranian woman, providing plenty of demonstrations against the strict government, and by showing the hardships for all social classes; and because of these circumstances, Marjane had a difficult time finding her identity. In America, we live in a world where clothing is a way to define and express ourselves. It's normal for a 16 year old girl to curl her hair and go out to meet her boyfriend at the mall and hold his hand; but this is not the case in Iran. Women are restricted to show their hair or show public signs of affection with any man unless she is married to that man. On page 74, Marjane's mother warns her daughter by explaining one of her experiences, "They insulted me. They said that women like me should be pushed up against a wall and fucked. And then thrown in the garbage. ...And that if I didn't want that to happen, I should wear the veil...". Marjane had always been deprived of her individuality, not only as a woman, but as a person. Being a woman in Iran meant Marjane was never able to fully express herself, not only by not speaking her thoughts, but by not being able to wear the clothes she wanted or listen to the music she wanted. Not being able to fully express herself (by wearing the clothes she wanted, doing her hair how she wanted, or listening to the music she wanted) from a young age prevented Marjane from finding her identity and being her...
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