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Topics: Social class, Basketball, High school Pages: 5 (1662 words) Published: February 8, 2014
Educating Children to Cease Physical Activity Inequity
It has brought to my attention that youths living in poverty stricken communities have lowered their physical activity and are engaging in unlawful acts. To be specific the use of drugs and violence. Being from an environment where violence often occurs I have seen many children transition from an active lifestyle of playing basketball on the outside ball courts, to getting into drug activity and gang related issues. On the other hand there are individuals who are on the complete opposite side who come from wealthy families and have the opportunity to engage in physical activity at a competitive level. These individuals are well educated and know the importance of being physically active. Income and education play a big role in this inequity. The more education one has the better the opportunity for them to fall into a career that pays well. Comparing a basketball player to a golfer we can speculate that the golfer has had more education and therefore will have a higher income. Individuals coming from wealthy families can be seen taking part in physical activities that fits their social class. Golf, hockey, horseback riding are all examples of sports played by the wealthy. Physical activities for those who are deemed lower class would be soccer, and basketball mainly. Public housing communities usually host families who have not graduated high school or even been to post-secondary. This results in jobs that do not pay well and therefore children suffer the consequences when they want to take part in leisure activities at a higher level.

This image symbolizes inequity by showing a black male with ripped clothing who is going to play basketball. Basketball is usually portrayed to be played by black males who usually come from low income families. These individuals rely on government housing and living in such environment’s first hand, it usually brings violence and drugs. I remember one time playing at the basketball courts, there was an altercation in which people were talking about bringing guns to the court. I immediately left the court and was afraid of going back the next few days. It is situations like these that can allow an individual to neglect going outside and enjoying themselves because of the acts of certain individuals. Some families may not be employed and receive their income from welfare. Other families that do maintain a job may be working longer than nine hour shifts with lower payrolls in order to fulfill their daily needs of food and water. There is little to no time available for leisure activities. This could result in stress, which than turns to using drugs to cope with the situation. Many of my friends have are having a hard time at home due to low income and stress that is brought upon their parents. Dealing with such circumstances they have turned to the use of marijuana and alcohol to escape reality. Activities that used to be played with great vigor have now turned to memories. When asked why he no longer finds soccer amusing he answered enraged, “You don’t know what it feels like to live in a house that has an empty fridge, constant yelling from my mom due to the fact that she is tired from long work hours and my little siblings, and to put a dream I have long wished for as a little kid aside because the money is not there to enroll me into competitive play.” He later dropped out of high school. The dropout rate for those living in these circumstances are higher than those who are deemed to be wealthy. The other gentlemen however, which is the white individual is seen as having a higher social class. He is a golfer and if you have not already known, golf is usually played by wealthy white men. They tend to have post-secondary education which enriches their knowledge about how important physical activity is. They are portrayed to live in gorgeous neighbourhoods along with little to no violence...
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