Political Unrest and Impact on Local Business

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This term paper has been prepared as a part of partial fulfillment of the course “Business Law” (BUS361) of Business Administration Department of East West University. Our course instructor Ms. Fahmida Hasan has assigned us a report on “Political Unrest and Impact on Local Business”. She has authorized the task of writing this term paper on a group basis. 1.2 OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY

There are some objectives behind every study and our work is not an exception. So we also have some objectives. The relevant objectives are listed below.
The primary objective of the study is to analyze the political unrest and its impact on local business of Bangladesh.
The secondary objective of the study is to enlighten the readers about the consequences of political unrests in Bangladesh. The readers can have a better idea and know more about the deterioration that occurs in the local business sectors due to political instabilities in the country.

For our report we have selected five sectors to determine the impact of political unrest on our local business as well as the total impact it has on the overall economy. The sectors that have been chosen are: transportation, small business, textile clothing business, revenue collection. 1.4 METHODOLOGY OF THE STUDY

Methodology of the study means the sources of collecting data to conduct the term paper. While doing the term paper secondary type of data were used. For this term paper we have collected

Political Unrest and Impact on Local Business

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data and information from various sources such as websites, journals, electronic newspapers etc. Secondary data source comprised of websites, articles, online newspaper, reports etc. 1.5 LIMITATION OF THE STUDY

It is quite impossible to prepare a report without limitations. Similarly, the limitations that we faced while creating the term paper are

Firstly, the report has been prepared solely based on secondary data for the study.

Lack of appropriate information was a big factor.

Lack of intellectual thought and analytical ability to make it the most perfect one was also a drawback.

The current political instability of the country was a major reason for which primary data could not be collected while preparing the report.

There was a time constraint, as the report had to be prepared within a short span of time due to the current political situation.

According to Francesco Passarelli and Guido Tabellini; Political unrest is defined as the sum of riots, general strikes and anti-government that is as lawful or unlawful collective action aimed against the national political authority and not en-tailing any military violence. This definition excludes episodes of individual violence, such as terrorism, political assassination and civil wars, as well as protests not aimed against national political authority. Political unrest can be referred to social unrest. It is a state of disconnect or trouble among a group of people with the problem lying in political manner. Again we can say when the public protest against the government or where an uprising might take place in the form of a coup by the military in a country is political unrest.

Political unrest is not a new subject to Bangladesh. What has changed is their frequency and destructiveness. More than 100 years have passed the world„s first hartals, strikes, blockade were staged. It took place in South Africa and was lead by the person who conceived the idea, Mohandas K. Gandhi, to protest the Black Act in 1906. The history of Bangladesh as a nation state began in 1971. In the past time politics was used for the welfare of country. In those day„s Political Unrest and Impact on Local Business

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there was no quarrel among the politicians for money and power but as today most of the politicians are interest is grown for money and...

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