Prejudice on the Basis of Social Class in China

Topics: Social status, Working class, Social class Pages: 4 (1366 words) Published: July 10, 2013
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Lillian Qin

Classism refers to prejudice on the basis of social class. It includes individual attitudes and behaviors, which systems of policies are set up to benefit the upper classes at the expense of the lower classes. Ying, who was born in a rich Chinese family, fell in love with an orphan named Larry. Ying’s parents criticized that Larry is considered as a poor man who has no ability to take care of Ying. They ignored the fact that Larry is an intelligent and independent man. Their opinions about Larry were that Larry declares his love is because of the rich family Ying was born. Ying’s parents told Ying that Larry is deceiving Ying for his own benefit and force her to marry with another rich man. What causes higher class people develop deep-rooted prejudice against the lower class? People who have bad experience with lower class people develop hostility against them. The bad encounter usually hurts people around them deeply. They choose to stay away the lower class because of the bad experience. Hostility which is the representation of the bad encounter leads them further away from lower class people. The only people they share opinions with are also from high class, and most of them also despised lower class people based on their economic status. Long-time isolation leads to deep-rooted prejudice. The only chance for them to get close to lower class people is being forced by their friends or in coincidence. When circumstances force them to interact with lower class people, they find out that their prejudice opinions are too subjective. When they meet someone from lower class who is intelligent and independent, they change their opinions which are based on their bad encounters. Introspection leads to new appreciation since they understand economic status is not the appropriate way to judge people. The beauty of mind could not be evaluated by economic status.

People have bad experience with lower class people develop hostility against...
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