Promoting the Protege

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Human Resource Management:Promoting the Protege
Vertigo Scenario : Prem Nath Divan,executive chairman of vertigo, India's Largest Engineering project organization, decided to switch tracks for a career in academics. Divan was still six years short of the company retirement age of 65. His premature exit was bound to create a flutter at the Vertigo board. Having joined Vertigo as a management trainee soon after college, he had gradually risen through the heirarchy to take a board position as the marketing director of the firm at 32. He had become the president 5 years later and the youngest chairman at 45. But, by the time he was 50, the whizkid had acquired a larger than life image of a role model for younger managers and a statesman who symboloized the best and the brightest face of indian management.

now Mr.Diwan discusses his retirement with Mr.Saxena, a solicitor in the same firm and his personal good friend. Following is their point of views followed by mine, i would like you share your point of view too, as to whom should be appointed in Mr. Divan's place. feel free to comment.

Mr. Prem Nath Divan’s View: According to Mr. Divan, Ranjan warrior seemed to be a the most appropriate successor for the executive chairman’s post, since Ranjan warrior seemed to be a good financial strategist and a visionary, had great conceptual skills, and understood the value of power. Also Mr. Divan had been grooming Ranjan for this post .

Mr. Ramcharan Saxena’s View : According to Mr. Saxena Ranjan Warrior no doubt held the qualifications required to suit the post, he yet had only staff experience and not line experience. Mr. Saxena was of the view that the company required someone like Richard Crasta from operations who knew in and out of the company procedures and policies. Moreover the senior executives in Vertigo had resentment for ranjan warrior as he seemed to be favored by Mr. Divan.

My point of View : According to me it would be the boards anonymous...
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