Push and Pull Factors - Britain to Nz

Topics: Social class, Working class, Middle class Pages: 3 (1066 words) Published: October 25, 2012
In the mid-1800s, New Zealand and Britain were two very different countries. While Britain was a flourishing country with big cities, tall buildings, a steadily growing population and civilised enough to have organised people into classes, in New Zealand the Maori had only settled three-hundred years earlier, the land was heavily forested, there was no major cities or towns and there was no money – only trade. Although Britain was much more developed than New Zealand, it was becoming overcrowded and many unpleasant factors resulted; and these are the push factors that caused people to migrate to New Zealand. Also the exaggerations and lies told about New Zealand were pull factors that further enticed migration to New Zealand.

A push factor is an effect that causes you to leave your country. In the case for Britain; there were multiple push factors that caused large-scale migration to New Zealand. One push factor was: although Britain was a flourishing country, it was becoming over-populated. In the 1800s, during the Victorian Era, the population had doubled from 20 million up to 40 million. There wasn’t much space and jobs/money for a significant amount of the population as it had gotten so large. Another push factor was that people in lower classes were not getting paid decently, which meant that they couldn’t provide properly for themselves or for their families. For example, skilled workers (like carpenters, builders etc…), sailors, domestic staff, labourers and soldiers got paid less than £100 every year. Young children in lower classes were often forced to work (slave labour), usually in mines and factories for very little pay. And so if you didn’t have a lot of money, alcohol was not only cheap, but also easier to get than pure drinking water. This meant that there was lots of drunkenness (even amongst children) that caused rowdy behaviour and so prisons were over-crowded and dirty. Poverty and disease was another push factor that resulted from lack...
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