Pygmalion: Social Class and Eliza

Topics: Social class, Working class, Pygmalion Pages: 8 (2132 words) Published: August 2, 2013
Module A – Experience Through Language “Distinctive Voices” Analysis Table – Pygmalion


|Technique |Evidence (include Act/page number) |EFFECT in relation to “Distinctive Voices” | | | |Consider how “voice” and Shaw’s use of language: | | | |Criticizes/comments on his society (authorial voice) | | | |Promotes a certain political agenda | | | |Records/re-creates social and cultural points of view | | | |Develops life-like creations of characters who communicate the ideas or concerns through their “distinctive voice” | | | |such as the alienated and/or different because of gender, cultural background, social class, socioeconomic status | | | |Silence or absence of voice | |Imagery (of market rubbish / waste)| | | |using Metaphor and |Act 1 (Mr Higgins to Eliza) |Mr Higgins’ genteel voice is contrasted with Eliza’s cockney accent – his articulate use of imagery through metaphor | |Rhetorical Question |Yes, you squashed cabbage leaf…you incarnate insult to the human |‘you squashed cabbage leaf’ highlights how his distinctive use of language conveys his social class, education and to | | |language. I could pass you off as the Queen of Sheba. Can you |large extent, his arrogance as suggested in the demeaning way he speaks to Eliza. Moreover, the rhetorical question | | |believe that? |is effective as it suggests that he has the ability to change Eliza from her current state as an ‘incarnate insult to | | | |the English language’ to royalty. | |Register – Cockney dialect | | | |Exclamation |Act 1 (Eliza to Mrs Eynsford-Hill) |Shaw uses Eliza’s cockney dialect to create her distinctive voice and to set her apart from the other characters in | | |There’s manners f’yer! Te-oo banches o voylets trod into the mad! |the play (except for her father, Alfred Dolittle). Her lack of education, social class and socioeconomic status are | | |(There’s...
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