Racial/Social Class

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4 December 2013
Beneficial Causes
First and most importantly, we are living in a globalized world. Through modern technology, communications, and travel the world is a rather small place. So, wherever you go, there are tons of similarities. What divides people is not so much nations, borders, customs, or race, but wealth. The "haves" live a certain way, and the "have not’s" live in another way. Second, with social class comes a certain disposition and outlook. Wealth and education creates confidence and this frame work shapes families more than race. Social class is more important than race-ethnicity in determining a family's characteristics because it reflects the kind of lifestyle a family is living. Social class is also a representation of a family's financial capability. Race or ethnicity can represent cultures but not the standards of living. People fail to account of other groups rather than focusing on minorities. These people also known as the lower class are afraid of success and don’t want to take advantage of all of their possible opportunities. Success is considered to be risky because you can go to school for four years and get a degree and there is still a chance that there isn’t a job opportunity present to you. Some believe that’s true, which is why their content with their secure job and being in the lower class. As for people who live in the middle class, they don’t ever want to have an influence on the lower class because they don’t know how to live that lifestyle or be able to mentor

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someone through it. There is a huge leap that the lower class needs to make in order for them to attain an education. A lot of people don’t understand the importance of education, because if you aren’t born into wealth, or haven’t paved the way for yourself you more than likely need education to be successful. Middle class people benefit...
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