Reflective Report: Social Mobility

Topics: Social class, Sociology, Social mobility Pages: 3 (949 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Reflective Report: Social Mobility with reference to my own area of teaching.

The term “Social Mobility” refers to the social standing, social position in conjunction with classes and social hierarchy. Within this reflective report I will concerned the focus on Social Mobility measured alongside education. The main hub for this report refers to “vertical mobility” – movement of individuals upwards from one level to another by joining the Armed Forces: Showing that “in-School” and “out-of-school” has an impact on the Social Mobility of individuals or groups. Factors effecting mobility are varied from economic capital, cultural capital, human capital and social capital, all of which enable social mobility to change direction. Within my role as a Military Teacher, learners embark on their future career from a varying class background; the Armed Forces draws its personnel from a broad cross section of society who have widely differing social backgrounds; educational standards and learning ability. The Armed Forces recruit from a diverse educational ability from those with university degrees to individuals with no general education. This has an impact upon how these very different learners view education. I will reflect on those learners that are from disadvantaged backgrounds, lower social mobility, as it is those I feel the Armed Forces have had the greater impact upon which impacts on their vertical mobility.

Sociologists describe “in-school and “out-of-school” factors as the examination of differences in education beyond the confines of the school. This assists us within this report to understand why upward mobility can be achieved within the Armed Forces during their initial and on-job training.

“In other words, sociologists have to look both within and beyond
the immediate environment of the school to explain why students
do well or bad within different educational systems”
(Kidd et al, 2003. Pge 240)

There are many authors...

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