Revision Seminar case study

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COM 1028 Revision Seminar case study - RSPB
The UK’s Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) was formed in 1889, investing their funds in purchasing land to create nature reserves, as their efforts are focused not only on the protection of birds but also on the environments which sustain them. By the early 1990s, the RSPB was the largest wildlife conservation charity in Europe, with 827,000 members. The charity ‘industry’ in the UK accounts for 3% of gross domestic product. Each year the British public gives nearly £5 billion to over 170,000 charities. The average charity supporter in the UK is predominantly from the AB socio-economic group, middle-aged, reads the Daily Telegraph and is likely to live in the south of England. In contrast, people giving to environmental and wildlife charities tend to be much younger and not as affluent. Giving money to charity is essentially a subjective act, and the common characteristic of passion for animals helps to explain why animal charities are particularly successful. However, the recession and ’credit crunch’ have affected all charities as many people now feel that charity begins at home. This means that any charity cannot be seen to be ‘wasting’ money on marcomms. Also, the RSPB has a rather old fashioned image, and has been ‘overtaken‘ by more fashionable charities in the public perception. Currently, recruitment information is mailed to rented lists of non-members and advertising is placed in national and regional media. Previous research has shown that members who join and pay by direct debit have a higher retention rate: 99% renewal compared to 42% for those who initially subscribe by cash or cheque. The Board of Trustees is considering:

how PR could help in creating awareness and recognition of a proposed new logo amongst the various stakeholders what sales promotion and merchandising can be used to encourage members to renew by direct debits how to recruit members with a tight...
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