Richard Cory Poem Analysis

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The poem “Richard Cory” by Edwin Arlington Robinson is about the tragic death of a wealthy idolized man. Robinson uses the irony of a man that seems to have the perfect life, to show us the reality that all is not what it seems. It is not the actual suicide that is the subject of the poem, but the idea that outward appearances may not always reflect what is going on inside, and that money may buy fame and admiration but not true happiness. Through the poem, it never hints or shows any relationship Richard Cory may have made. There is nothing mentioned about family, friends, or even a lover ,and from seeing this, we may get the intention that Robinson is saying that companionship is essential to mankind. Richard Cory had been hiding his sadness and need for relationships. He is trying to maintain a strong image. It may be fooling other people but it doesn't fool himself.

In the first stanza, the third and fourth lines are the first to describe Richard Cory. “He was a gentleman from sole to crown”, and which implies that he is of much higher socio-economic class vs. just simply saying “a man”. The use of the word "crown” gives the reader a picture of someone noble and regal. Robinson reinforces that image of a magestic royal figure by follwing that with the use of the word "imperially". The reader now has a picture in their mind of a man who could easily be a king. Robinson takes that image and carries it into the next stanza by saying he is richer than a king. The poem begins with a mention of richard Cory going downtown and "we people" are mentioned. There is a feeling right from the stark that we have a drastic contrast in social status. The common folk and the well loved, rich, noble man.

The reader begins to depict a scenic downtown with its two different class settings: the wealthy part of downtown where charity balls, political fundraisers, and fancy restaurants are and the lower...
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