Roman Social Classes

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Mia Bacilio.
17 March 2015
Social Studies
Life As A Roman Citizen
Although the Roman Empire happened thousands of years ago their rule has impact to this day. The Romans set the foundation for how modern society is now set up; the social structure the Romans had evolved into the social classes we now have. The social classes were divided based on political prowess, economic status, and political stance, just as we now today divide ourselves into classes. Whether it's a good or bad practice, its nonetheless the practice, we now go about our everyday lives. The Romans divided themselves by general power, and the power decreased the further down the social pyramid you go. Social classes, and what class you were in, determined what clothes you wore, what food you ate, what jobs you had, and various other matters of life.

Rome was divided into five classes: the senators, equestrians, commons, freed people, and slaves. The senators were men who served in the Senate. This class was dominated by the nobles which meant they had to have an ancestor who previously had political power. The senators would decide on the laws of the land. The senators were those who decided on the laws that were to govern Rome, and made sure the people followed those laws. The restrictions the senators had were prohibited to talk to lower classes unless it was about business. The senators are similar to the Legislative and Judicial branches of American government today. They are the politicians who make and pick the bills which are made into laws and make sure American citizens follow the laws. The senators were the highest class of Rome and had the most power in all of Rome.

The equestrians were the militaristic and wealthy people of Rome. As long as you had enough money and property to qualify you could become an equestrian, but it was only for men. If you were an equestrian you could become a low level politician, or you could even rise to a high level senator....

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