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10 Rules for Creating Successful Power Point Presentations
I’ve blogged many times on how NOT to use Power Point.  Most people use it incorrectly, and it becomes a barrier between speaker and audience.  For example, they create word slides, really speaker notes, with many bullets of text, expecting – what? – the audience to read along with them?  Or, they go nuts with the animation, swoops, and flying headlines that make audiences dizzy to little purpose.  Or they use cheap-looking clip art that creates a tacky image of speaker and organization in the mind of the audience.  But what about the right way to use Power Point?  What does that look like?  Is there any right way?  Following are 10 rules for using Power Point successfully. 1.  Write your speech, either in outline, bullet, or text form. 2.  Look for all the moments in the speech that could be illustrated using a photograph. 3.  Find high-quality photographs from an online stock house to illustrate these moments (if you don’t have your own photographs). 4.  Look for all the moments in the speech that could be illustrated using a chart or a graph to present numbers (that are hard to understand without a chart or a graph).  5.  Create these charts and graphs. 

6.  Look for all the moments in the speech that could be emphasized by using one single number to highlight your point.  7.  Create a slide with that one number in really large type – with no more than 5 words describing it. 8.  Assemble these photographs, charts and graphs, and numbers in a Power Point deck. 9.  Throw out all but the best ones; no more than one for every three minutes of talk – in other words, no more 20 slides in 60 minutes.  Fewer is better. 10.  Create an opening slide with your name, contact information, company logo and so forth, but resist the temptation to create an agenda slide unless you’re speaking for at least a half-day.  Follow these rules and you’ll be using Power Point in a way that enhances, rather than detracts from or competes with, your presentation.  For a brilliant look at how to style your sides, try Garr Reynolds, Presentation Zen (  For how to structure and write a persuasive speech, look at Give Your Speech, Change the World (  For how to deliver the presentation with authenticity and charisma, try Trust Me:  Four Steps to Authenticity and Charisma (  Good luck!

How to design good slides
When you make a presentation before the audience is easier to talk when listeners look at the screen and not at you. So you have to create excellent slides to attract attention.

1. Use short titles

Write short titles. When viewer sees a long title he thinks that something is wrong.

2. Same structure on one slide

Your text must have same structure on one slide. It may be complete phrases, or only theses etc.

3. Less text

It’s better if you will use only titles and pictures. Try not to put a big text which repeat what you say. In this case listener will read the text and lose attention.

4. Text should be readable

Choose a size of font wisely. It must be readable from the last place in meeting room.

5. Think before putting useless picture

All pictures and slides must have a sense. If it is useless delete it.

6. Check all the text

In your presentation mustn’t be any mistakes or misprints. Only one mistake can ruin your whole presentation.

7. Prefer an picture to text

If you can show something instead of writing it, show it with an image.

8. Choose background

In the most of cases a matte pastel background is better than a white one.

9. Choose colors

Use strong colors to underline something important, and use pastel colors for unimportant.

Rules of creating a word document


In the previous Basic Concept page, we created the new document and typed the first line of text. On this page, we look at three basic rules of typing in Word....
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