San Telmo Wine Advertisement

Topics: Social class, Middle class, Working class Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: October 28, 2013
San Telmo Wine Advertisement
“In the 20’s the tango was criticized for being sensual and seductive. Funny that’s exactly what they said about our wine.” Was the slogan for a bottle of , San Telmo, bottle of wine. The advertisement is not only captivating but sensual and seductive just as it points out. Not to mention the temptation of a classy dark red bottle of, San Telmo, wine in the bottom right corner of the advertisement. I would even go as far to say it is sophistacated. The colors are perfectly met with simplicity and really plays with your emotions as far as structure and placement.

Upon first glance, you will notice a man and a woman dressed for some type of formal dance. The man wearing a black fedora hat with a matching black suit coat and the woman wearing a sleek dark dress. They are held in a dance position holding their hands up parallel to their face all while maintaining an intense passionate stare at their hands (which also happens to be in the same direction of the bottle of wine). You could almost assume it is the starting position of the tango while they take their last deep breaths before beginning the dance.

“Leisure is only ‘real’ if temptation is presented” (Chrzan 2013, p.97). Tying this in with my previous statement of the bottle of, San Telmo, tempting the audience, Chrzan, brings up a good point about leisure. This advertisement is relaying a message that if you drink this wine it will make you feel exhilarated, maybe even enough to make you want to dance, as well as calm and soothed all within the same moment. Taking everything I just said in for a moment, it might be hard to realize you can feel all of these emotions at once. And this is the whole point of an advertisement. They want to envolope you in a captured photo as best as they can and really play with your emotions to turn it into a story.

With this advertisement, it is easy to pin point certain themes also know as tropes. A trope is a metaphor for exlpaining a...
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