Saturday Night Fever and the Loss of the Middle Class

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Saturday night fever and the loss of the middle class

One of the most popular films of the 1970s was “SNF”. Many people all over idealized its music and lifestyle. Two of the main characters were regulars on popular TV shows (Welcome back kotter, and All my children). This movie is a reflection of the interests of the American people during the 1970s. People did not mind and most cases wanted to be distracted from the major political issues of the time, such as the recent war in Vietnam and resignation of Richard Nixon among other things.

One of the first things you notice about Saturday Night Fever is the mass marketing. It seems that every shot has some sort of add for Coca-Cola or Marlboro somewhere in the background. Perhaps during the time of the film’s making was the beginning of the current advertising craze we are experiencing today. The movie also exploits the dance craze that was taking place at the time with nonstop current and young hits by artists such as the Bee Gees. However likeable the film is it sometimes feels like you are watching an extended television commercial. In short this movie has two major drawing cards that made it very popular, its music and its actors.

There are a few aspects of the film that I had a response to. The first is Tony (the main character) being as well dressed and having the sensitivity of a woman, this feature is also at the expense of the woman in the film who are treated very harshly and in some cases not taken seriously. Another aspect of the film that I had a response to was the lead female character’s ambitions and goals of trying to be a part of the upper class. These two aspects seem to suggest a sort of role reversal which is becoming more prevalent to American society still to this day. While the elements of innocents such as the music and dancing are a reflection of American society so are the violent elements such as the movie’s two rape scenes.

       Violence and profanity had just...

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