she stoops to conquer

Topics: Social class, Working class, Middle class Pages: 3 (906 words) Published: November 24, 2013
 "She stoops to conquer", or, initially called "The mistakes of a night" it was written in 1772 by the Irish writer Oliver Goldsmith a hundred years after restoration of the monarchy in England, 1660. one important movement was getting powerful at that moment: Sentimental comedy which can be defined according to MERRIMAN, 2010: “ comedy that addresses itself to the spectator's love of goodness rather than to his sense of humor and emphasizes the moral aspects of its situations and the virtues of its characters", for example Mrs Hardcastle laments the fact that they never go to town, while her husband thinks the people of the town foolish. She says: "I hate such old-fashioned trumpery"

And her husband replies:
"And I love it. I love everything that's old: old friends, old manners, old books. old wine"

In the play the autor tried to satirize and mock the manners and behaviours of upper-class english people to show this the writer uses diferent dramatic techniques and stylistic devices along the play. The play takes place in the old mansion Hardcastle, which is located in the countryside. A brief episode takes place at a nearby tavern, The Three Pigeons Alehous on one day. The play is divided in five acts which develops the Mr. Hardcastle's plans to marry his daughter Kate to coy Marlow, the Sir Charles Marlow's son. Mrs. Hardcastle wants her son Tony Lumpkin to marry her ward Constance Neville, who is in love with Marlow's friend Hastings. A misadventure occurs when Tony mislead Marlow and Hastings into believing that Mr. Hardcastle's home is an inn. By posing as a servant, Kate wins the heart of Marlow. Through various deceptions, Tony releases himself from his mother's and join Constance with Hastings.

The main characters are:
Hardcastle—A retired British gentleman who owns a country home. He loves everything old—old friends, old times, old manners, old books, old wine, etc. Mrs. Dorothy Hardcastle—Married to Hardcastle. She...
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