Social Class Affect On Children

Topics: Working class, Middle class, Social class Pages: 3 (1515 words) Published: November 10, 2014
Their Future is in Our Hands

    When it comes down to raising children, social class does play a role how children are brought up. Even though it plays a role, it does not determine what the outcome of the child will be. I believe that the parenting style of a parent is what truly determines how a child will blossom and succeed in life. I personally have experience with the middle class social class but know plenty of people from lower class families. Although Lareau does have a point, her observations do not fully add up and she did not provide a significant amount of evidence. Based on my experience and other gathered evidence, Lareau’s argument that middle and upper class parents use concerted cultivated and lower class parents use natural growth is inaccurate because love and discipline are the key factors in how children will thrive in the future. 

    Lareau started her social experiment with observing 88 families and then provided in-depth observations on 12 families (Lareau 2003). Based on the gathered observations, she argues that a parent’s class and race impact their children’s life experience and that class plays as a significant role in the way that they raise their children. She discussed 2 major groups which are the middle and upper class and then the lower and working class. The upper and middle class parent’s practice concerted cultivation while the lower and working class parent’s practice natural growth.

    In Lareau’s book, the first class’s, the upper and middle class, style of parenting is marked by parent’s effort to foster their children’s throughout reasoning and other social skills. They tend to do this during the course of leisure activities and negotiations between the parent and child. Within concerted cultivation there is a lot of expressing feelings and discussion is hallmark (Lareau 2003).  Middle class and upper class parents want to ensure that their children have certain experiences so they can succeed later in life,...
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