Social Class Educational Structure in Brave New World

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Social Class Educational Structure in Brave New World
Nathan Dominique
West Forsyth High School

Social Class Educational Structure in Brave New World
Social stratification, or dividing people into classes, was and is still prevalent in society in many ways. In every form division acts as an inhibitor for what certain citizens can do, but it helps form a stable class structure as there is little mobility. Namely, stratification is most evident in the various realms of education: elementary, secondary, and post-secondary. The opportunities of specific classes to achieve feats in education is often extremely disproportionate (Benson,1989, p. 159) leaving lower classes at the bottom of society. What determines the placement of an individual is often their knowledge and wealth, basically his or her ability to be productive. Aldous Huxley, as well as many other authors of his day and the days to come, would realize how deeply dependent the educational system had become on social status and class. In this paper the social class structure's affect on education will be examined in England during the time period when Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World, in Brave New World, and then both will be compared as well as assessing the future predictions of Huxley. In all of these topics class structures exerted a profound impact on the opportunities of individuals in education and benefitted mainly the superior heads of society in order to promote stability through education. Social Stratification in Education from 1922-1932

British Schools. British schools were stained with vast discrepancies throughout this time period. The rich were represented more in grammar schools than were the poor. In fact I found that only 10% of working class children attended Grammar schools compared to 67% of the wealthy professional children (Benson,1989, p.159). With the presence of such discrepancies opportunities were stripped from lower classes. Principally, these classes were created and applied to education in order to make society stable by keeping the lower classes in submission to the intellectually superior and affluent (Ragsdale, 1932, p. 266) . Another example is women in Britain. With the growth of industry women were needed to join the ranks at assembly lines. Since these women could not stay home with their kids the government made schools for them. Compared to the affluent schools of the time these working class schools were no match as they provided little to no useful education (Ragsdale, 1932, p. 266). This is just one example of the vast differences between the rich and lower class education. By having women work, society was made a bit less fluid as upper class education far superior to their poor counterparts inhibiting the opportunities the lower class had to move up in society.

Differences in Education. Looking at how the lower classes were placed into a bubble when it comes to education demonstrated how the social stratification powerfully influenced the schooling system from 1922-1932 (Prescott, 1930, p. 40). Many social activists recognized that this influence was hurting the working class and attempted to correct the issue. Trade Unions attempted to train many men and women to gain advancement in their positions by advocating the labor movement (Frow &Frow, 1990, p.72). There would have been no need for such groups if there was not an issue capturing everyone's attention. In fact Frow & Frow (1990, p. 72) discovered that the main goal of these unions was to restructure the educational system so that organized labor was at the helm. As I said before solutions from groups are only raised when there are problems. This problem was due to the taking of the poor's right to education. In this time there were numerous issues that many groups tried to correct so the lower class would not be neglected and the intellectually and wealthy men and women would not...
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