Social Class Essay

Topics: Social class, Middle class, Working class Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Daan Kromhof
Mrs. Luft
English 12
February 6, 2013
The Privileged and The Poor
Throughout my life I haven’t see or feel the differences between social classes. Yes there are privileged people and under privileged people and I had friends in both. I can see that there are differences between social classes but I do not personally believe in them. What I noticed here in America so far is that you can see a big difference in social classes especially after their young adult life. In high school the differences between social classes do not reveal themselves as much as they do in live after school. In high school a lot of people interacts with from different or similar social classes. In college you can see that people start to separate themselves more. People usually make friends from the same social class. Perfect examples of this are fraternities. You can see the difference between social classes throughout those fraternities. There are fraternities only for the privileged and the elite and you have fraternities for the middle class people. And this will continue throughout life many people will look for their social class. Whether or not they belong there or whether they want to belong there in that specific social class. I would say I’m a part of a higher social class both my families are sharing a in interest in wealth but to my opinion I do not prefer to say I’m in that certain social class. I do not like to be different than any one else and I do not think one family or another is better then somebody else. A major part of my family thinks the same about this I believe. I believe that social classes are just a way to separate people into certain categories and for other people social classes are about obtaining independence. After watching the two documentaries Encounter with Class and People Like Us I can see how social class is related to something visual. I lot of people associate wealth with belongings not intellect or wisdom. Since I first came...
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