social class in the victorian era

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Social Class in the Victorian Era

Since the late eighteenth century, class has been used as a complex term and used in many different ways. “Different social classes can be (and were by the classes themselves) distinguished by inequalities in such areas as power, authority, wealth, working and living conditions, life-styles, life-span, education, religion, and culture.” (Cody, The Victorian Era (named after Queen Victoria) began in the early 1900s. Society revolved around social classes, they defined who you are. There was the “upper class” also known as aristocracy, then following “middle class”, “working class”, and the poor. The aristocracy in the Victorian Era was a class of wealth, nobility and privilege of the highest social ordain. Aristocrats had freedom of action, with leisure, travel, and a huge servant class to free them from housekeeping and childcare. A day in the life of an aristocrat was pampered and provided for in every way possible. All they had to do was dwindle in the lap of luxury. They didn’t have to lift a finger or do anything except provide an existence. The aristocracy knew they were at the top of the food chain; they commanded and postulated that those beneath them treat them accordingly. “Aristocrats are born, not made, and it is their hereditary that enables this to be so. To marry into nobility one first had to come from an aristocratic family. This tradition was to ensure the blue bloodline continued through to future generations and prevent the lower classes from rising above their station” (Ora, Helium) You would think doctors and lawyers would have all the money. If this were true in the Victorian Era, they would be classified under aristocracy, but in this era, they
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