Social Class in Uk

Topics: Sociology, Social class, Marxism Pages: 5 (1765 words) Published: October 25, 2012
Social Class in UK
The term “social class” is in UK is a controversial issue,David J Lee said “ The use of the concept class in sociology has come under attack ”, which having many definitions. And as the tile shows, there are even disagreements over its very existence. Before we get into the details, at least, let us look at one definition. “Social class “is a set of concepts in the social sciences and political theory centered on models of social stratification in which people are grouped into a set of hierarchical social categories(Grant, J. Andrew (2001). Encyclopedia of International Political Economy ).British society had social class since the beginning of the history, and the issue of social class was thoroughly examined after the industrial revolution, and the acknowledgement of its existence has helped UK to experience significant changes, especially after the WWII .The expansion of higher education and home-ownership, and most importantly the change of economic, from manufacturing to a services-dominated economy, has played huge part in the translation. In this essay, I first outlined the main theories of social class, which includes functionalism, Marxism and Weber’s understands of social class, then examined the demographic of social structure in UK within this 300years. After that i analyzed the barriers that preventing the equality, then concluded that social class still exists but do not shows in the surface. It is how we define “social class” that influences how we see the issue of whether UK has social class or not. There is a tendency to deney, Holton and Turner suggest that many sociologist deny the division in morden society. And there are other seasons for the denial of the concept of social class. In Calvert's book The Concept of Class, which claims that because the term 'class' has a long history of conflicting usages, the concept is no longer valid in social research. So how should we treat the term “social class” remains inquestion. Fist, by examining the definition offered by various thoughts, we may gain certain insight into the concept of this relatively outdated term. According to the views of functionalism, in modern world, the classes are not created by an invisible force. People are paid differently because that serves a purpose, which is a functional necessity. Functionalism thinks it was the high pay that encourages people to work hard to get some jobs or be diligent in certain t jobs. And the benefit of the jobs differs, since there are different portion of importance in these jobs and this will benefit the maintenance of the social system. So people work hard and give their time and efforts to improve the level of their skills to meet the demand. This separates people in to different layers of the social setting, which creates social class, and it is a necessity for the society for the importance of the stabilization. But still, since there is no explanation of the functional importance of a job. If you ask different people, they may give you different answer,which echoes with the post modernism idea that there is no actual rule that apply to everything. The idea that people are driven only by money when considering having a job is too simple. And it completely forgets the “structures of inequality”. It is not able to explain the barriers i Marxism asserts that classes are divided in to two major parts: the owners of material possession, the means of production and the workers that had no passion but a little thing that they needed to survive and work more, the workers’ another thing is their ability to work and produce, which Carl Marx calls “labor power.” The capitalists for owning the materials for production, so they have power over the workers, which makes them, deprive the worker of most of their wages. The capitalists are getting more and workers are getting less. There will be confrontational and blood when comes to the equal right. Lockwood believes...
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