Social Gender Class

Topics: Social class, Middle class, Working class Pages: 3 (1103 words) Published: August 6, 2013
Social Gender Class

The wives of rich men host parties, while the wives of day labors raise their children. The influence of social class on gender roles is irrefutable. There seem to be very set standards and rules for men and women, depending on social status. Both genders have an individual set of roles, duties and expectations set on them, based on the social class they’re placed into. There are three main social class groupings, including upper class, middle class, and lower class. For each class and each gender of each class, the tasks differ significantly. The various ways that the social class influences the gender roles are present in careers, raising the children, and how each gender views the other. The jobs and career paths of men and women in different social classes vary greatly. In a low class society, women are not expected to have a formal job, whereas men are expected to be the sole “bread maker” of the house. Typically working a blue collar, labor intensive job for an extremely long shift, men have a lot of pressure to hold up their families in the “poor” and lower social classes. Men are expected to work physically severe jobs while women were expected to be homemakers and good mothers. Middle classes, however, have a different view on genders’ career paths. Both genders, in this day and age, are expected to attend college and follow a career path of some kind. Although once settled down and married, women sometimes drop their job and become “stay at home moms”. This makes the husband the primary money source of the household and usually supports the family. Still in recent years this role has switched up a bit. There are becoming an increasing amount of stay at home fathers and working mothers. Also sometimes both parents will work, leaving the children at day care or switching times that each is responsible for the children. Career paths for the upper class are vastly different from other classes. This social class is born with...
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