social mobility

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Since the ancient times, humans have been living in a society were in a social stratification is observed. Moreover, in a social stratification an equal opportunity for social mobility is given in each individual. Social Mobility pertains to the movement of a person from a social status to another social status. This movement can be either upward or downward, depending on whether people rise to higher status or fall to lower ones. Intergenerational mobility is one of the focuses of the study of sociologist. Intergenerational mobility is the upward or downward movement of the hierarchy by the family members from one generation to another. The amount of this movement – which occurs, for example, when a janitor’s son becomes a doctor, or a doctor’s child becomes a janitor- tells how rigidly inequality is structured into society.

In other words, social mobility refers to the relative movement of an individual, family, or group, up or down the stratification system of the society. There are two types of social mobility; vertical mobility and horizontal mobility.

Types of Social Mobility
I.Vertical Mobility refers to downward or upward movement in social rank, which occurs when there is a major change in wealth, prestige or power. When a person is said to move upward, this means that there is an increase in level of wealth through job promotion, small-scale businesses that have prospered. This change is symbolized by setting up residence in an affluent neighborhood, buying a more expensive car, and developing expensive tastes in home furnishing. While when a person is said to move downward the social stratification, this means that the person is experiencing financial reverses. This is symbolized by a person change views with regard to material goods.

Subtypes of Vertical Mobility
1.Career mobility- change in person’s occupational status or position. Example: Rising to be a president from a struggling office...
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