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"The division of society into distinct social classes is one of the most striking manifestations of the modern world . . . it has often been the source of other kinds of inequality, and . . . the economic dominance of a particular class has very often been the basis for its political rule." T. B. Bottomore, 1966


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John Pease Denae Johnson and Yangzi Zhao

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Social Stratification and Inequality Sociology 441 (section BL01) Online and Face-to-Face 9:30-10:45 Thursdays Spring 2013 Room 2309 Art-Sociology Building University of Maryland, College Park

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This is my first time teaching a blended course and I am interested in learning what you think I should do to improve this course, to become a better teacher, and to help you become a better student. Whenever you have a question, complaint, concern, problem or whatnot about this course, please let me know.

Course Objectives
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To help you clarify and expand your questions about social stratification, social inequality, and social class; to help you develop your own theory of class stratification; to help you apply some of the concepts and knowledge of social stratification, social inequality, and social class to your own life experiences; to help you better understand changes in social stratification, social inequality, and social class; to encourage you to consider ways in which class inequality might be reduced; and to encourage you to read critically, to think analytically, and to write clearly.

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Primary Course Questions
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How do the concepts, knowledge, and theories of social inequality and social class illuminate your own experience? What is social equality? What is social class? How do you describe and explain the social class structure? What is the source and distribution of class, power, property, prestige, mobility, and poverty? How and why has class inequality in America changed during the past century and what is the significance of these changes? What determines the rate of poverty? What determines who is poor? What is it like to live poorly in America? How can, how should, poverty be reduced or alleviated?

Common Reading
This course features three books and four articles. The books are available at the University Book Center and from online vendors. The articles are available on ELMS/Canvas. The books are: Dalton Conley, The Pecking Order: How Family and Society Determine Who We Become New York: Vintage Books, 2005. Any book with one of the following ISBNs is acceptable: 0375713816, 9780375713811, 0375421742, 9780375421747 Steven Greenhouse, The Big Squeeze: Tough Times for the American Worker. New York: Anchor Books, 2008. Any book with one of the following ISBNs is acceptable: 9781400044894, 9781400096527 Eliot Liebow, Tell Them Who I Am: The Lives of Homeless Women. New York: Penguin Books, 1993. Any book with one of the following ISBNs is acceptable: 014024137-x, 9780140241372, 0029190959, 9780029190951 The articles are:

Chandler Davidson, “The Culture of Shiftlessness.” Annette Lareau, “Invisible Inequality: Social Class and Childrearing in Black Families and White Families,” American Sociological Review, 67 (October, 2002), 747-776. C. Wright Mills, “The Structure of Power in American Society.” The British Journal of Sociology, 9 (March, 1958), 29-41. Lang Phipps. “Confessions of a Young Wasp”



On my SocheProfessor YouTube Channel and on ELMS/Canvas “Blue-collar in a White-collar World” 10 “Bourgeois Blues” 11 “Career Colleges” 14 “Feminism" 8 “The...
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