social stratification

Topics: Sociology, Social class, Social stratification Pages: 2 (412 words) Published: October 19, 2013
1Social stratification – the structured ranking of peoples’ position in society = Status A)Stratification depends on social differentiation – process by which members of a society are divided according to their roles (plumber, doctor, housewife) B)Helps society become more efficient – know your place and role C)Nature and nurture both have a role

1)Men can’t be “moms”
2)Dr. Ben Carson-like stories
2Three methods or components of stratification
1)Income – what people earn
(a)Usually measured by salary
(b)Does not consider other issues like expenses, taxes, comparative value 2)Wealth – what people own
(a)Includes investments, property and other tangible items
(b)Is not usually “liquid” – readily converted to currency (c)
B)Prestige – social respect and admiration we associate with a status 1)Is intangible – the value is a perception, however it is… 2)Symbolized by tangible items – trophies, degrees, cars
3)The values of the society determines the extent of prestige (how prestigious) 4) C)Power – ability of people to realize their will over others

1)Cultural norms determine the extent and nature to which power is exercised 2)The powerful usually dominate in conversation (control its direction) 3)Ex. - Waiting time – more powerful can make the inferior wait 3Two types of status

A)Ascribed – status over which one has no control
B)Achieved – allocated according to ability and talent – Horatio Alger stories

4Open and closed systems - the ease with which an individual can move within the strata A)Open systems – where individuals can move (change their status) with relative...
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