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Unit7: sociological perspectives for health and social care
Accorded to the official stastic social classes are living longer and enjoying better health than member of the lower social groups. The most recent studies analysis the difference was in the black Report (1998). There is a details and understanding relationship between the social and environmental factors and health, illness and life expectancy. The black Report shows the differences in the levels of health and illness between different social classes and the government of that time hide its publication. More so, this study has been very influential and the explanations offered in it are still used by sociologists today when examining and consider the issues. Furthermore, the black book considered the types of explanation that might account for the difference in level of illness and life expectancy experienced by difference social classes. AGE AND PATTERNS OF HEALTH AND ILLNESS

Nowadays many People that are in retired age are fit, healthy and making valuable contributions to our society through paid work, charitable activities and caring for their families. In 2001 census discovered that 342,032 people aged 65 and over provided 50 hours or more unpaid care per week. Although there are higher levels of illness among the older population and particular those people over the age of 75. More so, during three month period in 2003, 24% of people over the age of 75 had attended casualty or out- patient department at hospital compared to 14% of people of all ages.
There is a systematically difficulty in study the like between race and illness reason is that is difficult to define a person racial type, especially in the situation where there is an increase in the numbers of people who are mixed race. In addition a high number of people from minority- ethnic groups live in a deprived area with poor housing, pollution and relatively higher rate of unemployment. Therefore it very difficult to explain if the poor health is due to poverty or ethnicity. When compared to the white majority ethnic group, there is confirmation that higher numbers of children are having rickets in children from the Asia sub- continent because of a deficiency of vitamin D. The minority ethnic groups have a shorter life expectancy. More so, minority ethnic groups have higher infant mortality rates. Although language can be problems to other cultural, and may limit their full use of health services. Most Asian women don’t like to be attended to by a male doctor, many of this ladies speak little English, and despite the translate are in short supply and much important information is not translated into many language.

There are lot of racism, fear, and stress, if health and social care worker do not comprehend the religious and cultural belier of minority group they would not met individual needs.

In our society women life expectation is five years higher than, that of a men and the infant mortality rates for boys is being continually higher than that of a girls, study found that higher number of women are fall ill than men. The following are factor that contribute to the factors. Risk Factor; From the research the higher number of death for men can be linked with the higher levels of cigarette smoke and drink by men, and their participation in more risky and dangerous sport and other activies. 17 to 24 years of age are linking risk- taking from road accident that leads to death. Economic Inequalities; women still earn less than men despite the change in law. Women who have degrees, for example are paid average, less than men. Men earn £ 1,000 more than their female college classmates within three years of leaving university. Women are much likely to go straight into high paid jobs with...
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