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Starbucks Corporation
Board of Directors and Board Committee List
As of March 20, 2013

Board of Directors
Howard Schultz (Chair)
Starbucks Corporation, chairman, president and chief executive officer William W. Bradley
Allen & Company LLC, managing director
Robert M. Gates
Former Secretary of Defense
Mellody Hobson
Ariel Investments, LLC, president
Kevin R. Johnson
Juniper Networks, Inc., chief executive officer
Olden Lee
PepsiCo, Inc., retired executive
Joshua Cooper Ramo
Kissinger Associates, Inc., vice chairman
James G. Shennan, Jr.
Trinity Ventures, general partner emeritus
Clara Shih
Hearsay Social, Inc., chief executive officer
Javier G. Teruel
Colgate-Palmolive Company, retired vice chairman
Myron E. Ullman, III
U.S. and International retail chief executive officer (retired) Craig E. Weatherup (Presiding Independent Director)
Pepsi-Cola Company, retired chief executive officer

Audit and Compliance Committee
Javier G. Teruel (Chair)
Mellody Hobson (Vice Chair)
Kevin R. Johnson
Craig E. Weatherup

Compensation and Management Development Committee
Kevin R. Johnson (Chair)
Myron E. Ullman, III (Vice Chair)
Olden Lee
James G. Shennan, Jr.
Clara Shih
Javier G. Teruel
Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee
James G. Shennan, Jr. (Chair)
Robert M. Gates (Vice Chair)
William W. Bradley
Joshua Cooper Ramo
Clara Shih
Craig E. Weatherup

Leadership Team
Howard Schultz
chairman, president and chief executive officer

Troy Alstead
chief financial officer and group president, Global Business Services
Marissa Andrada
senior vice president, Global Partner (Human) Resources
Adam Brotman chief digital officer

Cliff Burrows
group president, Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Teavana Michael Conway
executive vice president, Global Channel Development

John Culver
group president, Starbucks Coffee China and Asia Pacific,...
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