Sweet Potato Pie by Eugenia Collier: Story Analysis

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Eugenia Collier “SWEET POTATO PIE” Sukhanova E. LP31/2 Eugenia W. Collier (born 1928) is an African-American writer and critic best known for her 1969 short story "Marigolds". She was born in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Collier's collection, Breeder and Other Stories, was released in 1993. She has also published a play, Ricky, based on her short story of the same name. Other texts that Collier has written or contributed to include are Impressions in Asphalt: Images of Urban America (1999), A Bridge to Saying It Well (1970), Sweet Potato Pie (1972) and others.

Recently we’ve read one of her stories Sweet Potato Pie which is about the youngest boy in the poor family became a professor when his parent passed away and he married to a girl name Bea. Charley, the oldest brother of Buddy does not want to show himself to Buddy's student because he thought that he is only a cab driver he doesn't want to shame himself and also his brother. Charley took the pie and did not mind being a “nobody” for his brother Buddy and followed him; it was really touching and showed caring. The story takes place in New York. At first we are on the 14th floor of Fifth Avenue Hotel and later we together with the protagonist appear in Charley’s apartment Lenox Avenue. Speaking about the time I should say that the action happens in the late afternoon to evening.

The story is the way that the theme of family love was expressed. The writer does not make family love seem natural and effortless. Rather, the narrator gets closest to the truth by expressing how love between families takes effort and understanding. In the story, understanding and love is not all felicity. When Buddy is a child, Charley, doing the best he can do to fix Buddy’s stutter, hit him with a dish rag. Later in the climax of the story, Buddy struggles to understand why Charley took the bag of pie away. However, when Buddy understands, he bursts with emotion....
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